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I am a toy and game developer in the New York area.  I have a very small family business.
I am looking for a teacher for an introduction to the arduino world.  My brother and I deal in the
low tech end of the toy world.  We are neophytes, but very motivated.  I would want someone to
teach us in my studio workshop in Portchester New York.  We are very happy to pay a fair compensation
for these services.
I have included a link to a brief writeup of a talk I gave last October in Amsterdam on AR and storytelling.
Again, I am not a programmer in any shape or form. We are very good at envisioning applications for technology.
Is there any one you can recommend or direction you can point me in?
Thanks so much
Fred Ellman


In California but good luck.

Do a search of the forum for "arduino users map". You might find someone near by that can help.


You should post this on the Adafruit "jobs" forum: http://www.adafruit.com/jobs/
(not the least because Adafruit is in NY...)


I'm curious about what you want to be taught. To what extent do you want to know about the arduino and what aspects of it? It;s pretty easy to learn yourself and teach your own company.


Yea, I learned Arduino myself (I'm by no means an expert, or even a high level novice) but try to get a basic knowledge of the stuff before you pay someone to teach you


the more I think of it, the more fun I think it might be to teach microcontrollers to a toy developer.
anyway I sent you a private message.


The biggest question that most of us will have is meeting your level of experience and understanding in regards to the two key components of the Arduino system.. Electronics (general and digital) as well as Programming (Specifically, "C" or a related language.. the Arduino language is a customized version of "C"), without getting a feeling for your knowledge up front.

As a former teacher, to develop a reasonable curriculum (even a very loose one) for you requires that we know where you are now, and a vision of where you'd like to be after such an introduction.. as a seminar or the like isn't infinite.  Fitting the teaching to the needs of the student- particularly in a situation like this- is key to both the student and the teacher being successful.  Depending upon your experience level in the technologies underlying Arduino, some topics may be too simple while others may be out of reach, at least for what would be a sort of "consulting technologist" gig.  Last but not least is of course the length of time you plan to dedicate to this.

Arduino (and microcontrollers in general) are awesomely powerful devices simply begging to be used in entertainment devices.  Keep us informed as to where your explorations take you!

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