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Author Topic: Tutorial: GoogleSketchup+Arduino = Best Simulation ever  (Read 1590 times)
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Hello my name is Gustavo iam from Brazil and..... My english sux sorry
I did a script for Sketchup to communicate with the arduino using serial port and it was great for prototypes.
But it has a unique problem, I do not know how to send variables from Ruby to arduino, I'm thinking a solution, if anyone knows please help. Watch the video.

1) Download o Sketchup 8.0.

2) Download plugin Sketchyphysics 3.2 .

3) Download Plugin Supy: used to run python code inside SketchUp.

4) Download Python 2.5.

5) Download lib serial  for python : Pyserial 2.5.

6) If you want download webdialog plugin for sketchup.

7) Install everything! its easy!

8)Disable DTR on
Search on python2.5 folder...
change this values...
self._dtrState = win32.DTR_CONTROL_ENABLE
self._dtrState = win32.DTR_CONTROL_DISABLE

dont understand?

* CodigoArduino.ino (0.99 KB - downloaded 11 times.)
* teste.skp (86.57 KB - downloaded 8 times.)

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i am really wondered what your goal is here, manipulate inside google sketchup to control an arduino object ?

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