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Thanks WildBill.. this venture was only possible with your help guys... Currently i have only 16 solenoid valves available... this project will not stopped here but i will post videos of the LED simulator model and the operation of actual solenoid valves...

As far as the proper protocol and formatting of the coding/decoding... I will need all of your help....so far i am really very happy what i have got..


The concept looks awesome - I'd love to see some video when it's working. It seems that there are plenty of folks here that can offer help with the code & electronics so you have no excuse for delays  ;) Is it done yet?


Hi no problem with electronics.. I etched the simulator in the way that to add IRF540  8) ... As the simulator works perfect and i have a good experience with electronics in the past..so i envisaged no problem in near future..

The solenoid valves i purchased from JunkYard and are of 220mA 24V DC... Driving them with a 4-Amp 24VDC supply will be enough:)...
Now i can test and design the nozzles for the solenoid to get a good shape droplets..this is again no problem because i am a mechanical engineer;)
The youtube video of the simulator in working condition is uploading..soon will share the link with you guys :smiley-sweat:


Look at the video and the following data:


Just see how the leds on/off as per each row of data...

also you can see the PCB board...


Can you show us the schematic, a couple of things appear to be strange, the Molex connectors (they are for the solenoids right?) seem to be on the base resistors and I can't see how the LEDs are driven.

Also no explicit GND for the solenoids, you can use the Arduino connector but this will be a much larger wire (or indeed bunch of wires).

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

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