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The IO pins on the Arduino and other logic chips are only made to drive signals a few inches on a circuit board. 

Really?  I was going to use the Arduino to excite a sensor that's at the end of a 10 foot wire that requires 5v at 5ma.  Can I not simply attach the sensor excitation wire to one of the digital output pins of the Arduino and write it high in order to excite the sensor, or do I need a separate relay or opto that's triggered by the Arduino that feeds the sensor 5v from a regulator?


If you're only putting 5V out at a DC level, you'd probably be okay.
Are you getting data back from the sensor too?
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I am going to give that one a maybe.  It depends on the impedance of of the sensor, wire, and IO pins.  It also depends on how much electrical noise there is in your area and how reliable it NEEDS to be.  With out knowing what your sensor is I have no idea if my board would even work.  It is digital only.

In my case I have to go long distances and I can not have interference.  Also DMX lighting instruments require an RS485 feed.

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