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I'm trying to find somewhere I could buy flexible displays? I really have no idea if these are even that common or available....I know they exist. I'd like to be able to incorporate flexible LCDs into clothing. Don't need anything fancy. Monochrome would do, backlit would be nice.

Any ideas?


they are really hard to come by.

the ones I have seen are by E-Ink. Their flexible displays are monochrome. They have two different types. One which sort of has the flexibility of a plastic sheet or heavy cardbord. These seem to be more or less identical to the regular e-reader displays, except that you can bend them to a certain degree.

The other type is really cool. Its super thin and can be roled or crumpled. However, this screen can only cycle through pre-programmed images.

Both are really hard to get your hands on, I would not be surprised if the second type had never been handed to third parties at all yet. (As its really cool, but as of now far from actually usefull ... well ... at least the last demo I have heard of, which is a while back.


Then there are a bunch of oleds floating around, where again you seem to have the same problems - they are either fairly stiff, or really flexible, but (and I dont know this as a fact, but I am quite sure) the really flexible ones probably only display pre-programmed sequences.

Also, while both sony and samsung build them, I am quite sure, that they dont actually own the patents to the technology. I have not however been able to figure out who actually does.

Anyway, again. Really hard to come by. I would not know how to get them...

this here may be of interest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZCiqkWCLqw

anyway, sorry I cant really help you except with random trivia.


(oh, but maybe instead go low res and use programmable rgb-led strips?)


also, check out this link:


that video is hilarious!


there is also LCD paint you can buy. If you want it monochromatic, you only need one layer of paint.
I think it's becoming scarce, however, I couldn't find it last time I looked.

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