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LCD paint?

can you explain how that works? how would you operate it? how would you create the backlight? what would you use it for?


You paint it onto fabric, if I recall, painting it onto dark fabric helps with the backlighting issue.  Last I saw it, you could buy it in different colors, and each color required a different temperature to activate the color change.  You can stick wire into the fabric and vary the resistance from the battery to get the different temperatures.  It would be really difficult to attempt anything like video, but text is reasonable. 

I don't know where you could buy it if you're interested, if anyone knows, lemme know.


Any new developments on this topic?



well... not so much for us hobby-ists. I had my hands on a FOLED this january, at TEI, but I know for a fact that the guy who organized it had been lobbying for 5+ years to get it...

the technology is advancing... but I know of no product which one could simply buy without signing a NDA first... :-(


Fkeel - Check this out -> http://www.polymertronics.com/OLED_Science_Kits_files/Flexible%20OLED%20Science%20Kit%20Data%20Sheet%20v2.pdf

Also, I had heard reports that Samsung would be releasing a Flexible OLED display sometime in 2012 a few years back. Here is some recent news I found on this...


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