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Hi. I have seen a few projects that use real car gauges to work with some car games via usb.
Some of them use arduino to control servos, others use pics.
But I've got a citroen C3 dash, totally digital.



As you can see, there is just one connector in the back.
Is there a way to make it work without have to break the circuits, I mean, just using that port?
When I open I see a lot of things and have no idea where to start. The other projects are a little bit easier cause I just have to control the servo motors, this dash is completely computer controlled.
I've read about obdII, but I think the obdII cable I can only conect in the car obd interface, not only the dash.



You'll want to find the manufacturer's electrical manual for the car it's out of; in your case, a factory service manual for a Citroen C3. Typically, the manufacturer will have an excellent service manual that covers anything and everything relating to wiring for the car, including what the dash inputs are. One of the easiest ways to find what you're looking for would probably be to join a Citroen enthusiast's forum, and ask if anyone has a FSM they can scan the wiring diagram you need from. (I know in the Mitsubishi camp, there's quite a few forums you could ask on, and folks are generally happy to help if they can.)

You might also have luck with a Haynes/Chiltons-style of manual, but I've had very poor luck in the past with anything relating to pinouts and wiring diagrams with them.

Your other option is tracing circuits and trial and error; the dash is likely designed to operate at a poorly-regulated 11-15V, which might give you a starting point.

Hope this helps; good luck! :)
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Thanks, logic.
I will look into citroen forums to see if they have some wiring diagram. I know its not that hard to turn on those lights. And the display is just a LCD, we can do whatever we want with arduino and LCD. I am just afraid to burn something when trying to put 12v to see if it turns on. hehehe


I'd be very surprised if it isn't CAN-Bus.  Depending on at how much you value your time, you'd probably be better off recreating the whole thing on an LCD screen driven by a car-pc.  You can get all of the data you need over CAN/OBD

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