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I have programed my MKRWAN board with the MKRWANFWUpdate_standalone sketch, which does an upgrade of the STM32 code inside the Murata LoRa chip.

This STM32 firmware is stored in a fw.h file, brought by the MKRWAN library.
But there is no mention of where we can find updated firmware from Murata for its LoRa chip.

Code: [Select]

<extract from MKRWWANFWUpdate_standalone.ino>
 * To generate it after a firmware update, execute
 *  echo -n "const " > fw.h && xxd -i mlm32l07x01.bin >> fw.h

I would like to know the source of this firmware, and to know more about the current firmware as well ?


Jun 08, 2018, 04:13 pm Last Edit: Jun 08, 2018, 04:20 pm by pirlouwi
I found this site:

Seems it is the source code of the Murata chip.
Binary versions are available in the releases directory:

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