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i am really interested in the bio feedback board (http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoShields) cn anyone tell me when these will become available?? or if anyone knows of any alternatives it would be great....


ok. a rather DIY -make way of doing it:

in some crappy one-cent shops you probably find some "lie detectors". they work on the same principle that your skin resistance is measured and assume if you sweat that your skin resistance decrease.


yeah i have done a lot of research, even made my own gsr sensor, i think i am going to buy an off the shelf product and hack it into it. does anyone know how to wire it into arduino?
if anyone knows anything about the bio sensor board, it would be great, the heart rate and gsr sensors together really appeal to me.



If you are going to hack an of the shelf lie detector wiring it to the arduino will depend on the specific schematics of the device.

It would be really fast and easy to DIY. I did a GSR sensor some months ago with the arduino following these steps.

you need:

-Copper tape (this can be found at home-depot or B&Q type of shops sold often as "slug tape" or even thin foil might work)
-a 1mega ohm resistor
-jumping wires, etc.

you cut two little squares of the copper tape to attach to the fingers.
one of this terminals will be conected to the arduino voltage trhough the resistor, from this same point you connect another wire to one of the analogue ins.
the other copper tape square will be conected to ground.

the code is pretty much the same as the potentiometer example as far as i can remember.

hope it works


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someone has any news about the Arduino GSR HR shield?
Did anyone get a full-working gsr?

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