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TxapuCNC consists of two parts:

TxapuCNC Hardware
Based on Mantis 9 (David Carr),   Paperduino, PaperSteppers and PaperRele


TxapuCNC Software :

  • TxapuCNC_TX is a program in gambas2 that is simultaneously a text editor, simulator and a CNC control console:

    • Program Editor
      It is a simple text editor with highlighting for Gcode commands with a key feature: It sends out the serial port (USB or serial virtual) lines one by one the editor of waiting before receiving the signal "OK" controller (Arduino .)

    • Simulator
      It is a program visualizer Gcode (2D only) showing the path in the XY plane. It has zoom, shift, rapid and delayed simulation, simulation of the diameter of the drill ...

    • Control
      Is a control console from which you can directly manage the router, moving the other, turning the head, ...
      This program recognizes files with absolute or relative coordinates (G90/G81), in millimeters or inches (G21/G20), parameters (#).

  • TxapuCNC_RX is a Sketch for Arduino. This program moves the stepper motors



NOTE: The information is in Spanish (TxapuCNC_TX is translated into English) but has a lot of images and automatic translator.
(I apologize for my bad English)

Txapuzas electronicas


Great project and I loved your site. Especially the paperduino, that's gonna come in handy later :)
Don't worry about your english, it looks fine to me.
First we ignore them, then we make fun of them, then we fight them and then they win so let's cut the crap and just expose them for the corrupt liars they are.


can thats cnc use whit mach 3 cnc controll software or what is controll and drawing adding ?


No, I don't answer questions sent in private messages (but I do accept thank-you notes...)


hi guys.

Anyone can help me with this cnc motors?
I have read that we need something like NEMA 17 - 12V  and less of 1A.
Well the torque it's important too.

So, can you help me to find this motors in ebay for example?
In this tutorial we have all instructions to make a paperduino and the rest of hardware and software but don't specify the caracteristcs of this motors.

Can you help me to find that?

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