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Hey forum, I am building a solenoid orchestra.  The system as I see it, is roughly like this:

I phone OSC ----- MAX/MSP ----- Arduino ----- 5 Relays/Arduino solenoid schematic ---- Five Solenoids
[font=Verdana][font=Verdana](                    Data Flow OSC                )(                                 Electronics                                   )   [/font][/font]

I might use Ableton to sequence Midi to Max so I can control the solenoids.                           

I have a few questions:

1)  Will I need to bridge Max/Msp and the Arduino control with an Arduino/processing app or do you know if I can go right from Max to Arduino?

2)  Will I be able to use OSC through the whole system or should I convert to Midi at some point. 

3) Also I will be using a Iphone app that outputs OSC based on conways game of life.  It looks like conway's game of life generates, multiple, seemingly random osc data.  If I am using 5 Solenoids how do I use this data to trigger the Solenoids in a meaningful way.  Maybe each solenoid can be triggered by a range of triggers?  Any thoughts?

3)Any other advice?  Has anyone seen a project summary of the same type online somewhere?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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