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Does anyone know what are winding / ratio specs for this clamp? Does it have an internal burden resistor?

I've measured as much as 9VAC coming from it connected to a kitchen heater, so definitely gonna need a voltage divider, but I'd like to know the max first...

Update: I found the manufacturer, but the winding/ratio isn't listed :(


Its rated for 75 ohm load resistor.    But you can vary this to change the sensitivity (the winding is 510 ohms from the spec).  Clearly if a few amps puts it at 7V is doesn't contain a burden resistor - its rated for 80 amps or so.
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Thanks for the reply,

I've just measured resistance on the clamp terminals, reads 375 Ohms...

I'm unfamiliar with the transformer winding resistance calculation, so I was wondering why it's not 510 Ohms, any clue?

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