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Hi guys,

I bought in last few days Arduino MEGA 2560 board and Arduino shield with buttons and LCD (16x2).

Pins on shield were already soldered, which was great at first, but then I realized that I can't connect 3v3 voltage supply from Arduino board to my IR sensor (it mustn't be applied to 5V). Then I saw holes next to those pins.

My question is:
Are those holes connected to those pins (to be precise look at the image in attachment marked with red)? If they are, can I solder just one extra pin to that hole?

Maybe it's a stupid question, but I need to be sure, because I want to avoid protoboard, lots of cables and so on.




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Your picture:

It looks like the pin you marked is 3.3 volt, according to this picture I found (it looks quite similar to the hardware you use):

But the best way to find out is using a DMM (digital multi meter).
Always decouple electronic circuitry.


Thanks! I figured out how to do it! Connect shield on board and connect hole with Analog input i.e. A15 and measured voltage with analogRead (A15). It was 3.3V, which means they are shorted.

Thanks again! :D

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