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When I try to open the eagle schematic file for the Arduino micro in Eagle 7.1 I downloaded this morning from the Arduino website I get the following error

line 173, column 25: Unexpected ''.

The board file opens ok. it appears from a search this issue has been going on for a while.


There was a report of this problem here:
The dowload link for the nano files works again. Also, the cross referencing issue is indeed fixed. But still, Eagle 8 denies to open the schematic files with the following error:

line 173, column 25: Unexpected ''.
and the response from the Arduino employee:
we use eagle version 7 sorry for this. We are not planning to support eagle 8 at the moment
If you've verified the problem also occurs in Eagle 7 that seems like cause to reopen that issue report. Would you mind commenting on that issue with the link to the file you downloaded and Eagle version? If you will do that I'll reopen the issue.

Note there is a fix for the problem explained further down in that thread.

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