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Hi Arduino folks!

After some time I'm back and I want to understand and make two new projects on ardiuno. So I have two questions.

First one is from this robot: [url = https: //www.anki.com/en-us/cozmo] https://www.anki.com/en-us/cozmo [/ url] How this robot knows which box is the right one? There are three boxes and robot knows each box color. How: o

Second question is from here: [url = https: //www.anki.com/en-us/overdrive] https://www.anki.com/en-us/overdrive [/ url] What is inside each in the track piece? Because before using you should calibrate it through the app and then your app shows the track is right asamble and then cars make a test drive. What is inside there: o?

I hope for some help because I know this is the right place to ask!

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