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Hi! I am new here. I am working on a project of messaging devices. In this I have got a requirement of sending messages through HC12 module. I want to send these messages to individuals (particular users) whereas  HC12 is in broadcast mode. My thought was if I could give separate ID to arduinos in flash memory and while sending the data , if the userID in the flash memory of other arduino matches , then display it. Can anyone help me out for this or any other suggestions are welcome. :smiley-confuse:


My thought was if I could give separate ID to arduinos in flash memory
That will require separate code for each Arduino, since the data in flash memory comes from THE sketch that is loaded.

If you used one sketch to write data in EEPROM, that changed for each Arduino, but needed to be loaded only once, then the same sketch could be loaded on all the Arduinos, that would read "my" ID from EEPROM, and get a different value on each Arduino.
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thanks for that!
Instead of all these I made use of a variable Id and while sending the message I sent the Id with the message.
while receiving the message from other arduino , I will parse the message and compare the Id with that of my Id.
If it matches then I can print it.
finally I ended up as u said.
Thanks again. :)

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