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Author Topic: chair with pressure sensors  (Read 788 times)
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hello guys! i'm new here!

Arduino is a fine invention!!

 need  to build a chair with pressure sensors. is this possible?  which sensors should I use?
can you tell me where you can retrieve the tutorial for this type of project?

thanks a lot!  smiley-yell

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When you are new to Arduino, please spent some time at - - as there is a lot to learn about how to program in general.

Before being able to answer the question, we need a bit more info:

What do you want to sense? (what is your project goal)
- sitting people
- their arms,
- their back,
- other?

Do you need just ON/OFF information or the amount of pressure?

How many sensors you want to install in the chair?


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I have this vision of an extremely hi-tech Whoopee cushion!

Options are:
* switches - probably microswitches
* pressure mats as used in intruder alarms
* stress sensors like this

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