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     I have designed a custom Arduino compatible data-logger at University as part of my dissertation. I am using a SAMD21G18A powered at 1.8V.The design is based on the Arduino MkrZero schematic. The problem is that the microcontroller stops working at 2.1V using the Arduino MkrZero/Zero bootloader. If I upload an example code from Atmel Studio the microcontroller stops working around 1.65V, as in the datasheet.

    Does anybody know what part of the Arduino environment is responsible for setting this voltage limit ?


Brown-out detection (BOD)?

The datasheet talks about BOD12 and BOD33, I just skimmed it.

Perhaps look over the bootloaders to see what shows up.

I use an R-Pi Zero on an RPUpi shield to have a tool-chain at the network edge.


Is the bootloader for the Arduino Mzero compatible with the one for the MkrZero/Zero ? I couldn't find any settings in the Zero bootloader.

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