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Jun 23, 2018, 04:17 pm Last Edit: Jul 13, 2018, 02:25 pm by kerimkyn
Hi everyone,

I've started a new project to develop Arduino projects without coding and I've released the first alpha version. I'll be very grateful if you can check it out. You can see it in action in the videos below.



Download link:

Please note that this is the 0.1.2 version and it's only for Windows now. And it's currently not ready for a full project development but I'm actively improving the app and I hope it'll be ready for a release soon :)

Thanks in advance.



Change Log

Ver 0.1.2

- Insert a new item between two items by right clicking on a connector
- Added After_IF pin to IF and IF_Else nocode items
- Added Examples
- Added serialEvent item
- Added Return item
- Changed default variable data type from String to Integer
- Auto focus to the first pin of a newly inserted noCode item
- Added Platform Specific Constant selection logic
- Added "Send to Arduino IDE" option to the code window
- Added basic support for Native Arduino Code (can add a single native method/function and DevPal Studio will create a NoCode item for that to be used in a NoCode graph)
- Added support for dragging&dropping variables to a pin which do not have same datatypes but can cast to
- Bug fix: Can't remove a variable from the list
- Bug fix: Can't move items over "Arduino [ArduinoBase]" text on the nocode graph
- Bug fix: Array of any datatype except string won't connect to Get Item nocode item automatically
- Bug fix: Incement and decrement nocode items won't work properly
- Bug fix: Drawing a connector from an input pin causes the connector context menu displayed
- Bug fix: Comparing a char to another char doesn't work properly
- Bug fix: Calling a user method won't add semicolon

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