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Hi was wondering if anybody can help me with this.
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i know i can do this

int b = a << 3;

i want to do this

int i=3;
int b = a << i;

it wont let me though

Is their a variable type for 'i' instead of an int that will work?

Professor Chaos

What do you mean "it won't let me?"  Your second fragment compiles for me if a is declared.


I can't find anything here. Here's an idea:
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for(int i = 0; i < x; i++) {
int b = a << 1;

and "x" could be the number of bits to shift the variable "a". It seems as if the bitshift function only allows for constants.

Good Luck!


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I think your problem is you are declaring the variable type on a line with a calculation. You can only initialize variables to constant values. It will work if you do it like this:

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int a = 4;
int i = 3;
int b;

b = a << i;

when you do this:

int b = 4;
The compiler is able to initialize b to 4 because it knows the 'value of' 4 (it's a constant)
but when you do this:
int b = a << i;
the compiler has no idea what values a and i have so it can't initialize b and gives an error.

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