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Ok, please dont laugh, but i am sitting on a physical/mathematical problem i am unable to solve atm (blackout..).

I have a distance (300m) a V0 (0m/s) and a time (60s).
How do i calculate the mean acceleration to reach the 300m in time?
The formula is - if i am not totally wrong - " a = v(t^2)+V0" - but i simply hang myself because of the velocity in the middle part of the term...
Damn, it's been to much time since i was having physics last time, or math..


It's not stupid to forget, we are all getting older and filling our heads with other things... If you solve X=v0*t + 0.5*a*t^2 with the values you give, you will get 0.16667 m/s^2. But don't blame me if I'm wrong, it's been a while for me as well...



If you traveled this distance at a constant speed - the speed would have to be 300m/60s = 5 m/s. To travel the same distance with linear acceleration from stand-still and using the same time, speed at the end would have to be twice that of the constant speed example.

The generic formula for this type of problem is then as follows:

d = vt + (1/2)a(t^2)

d = distance
v = initial speed
t = time
a = acceleration

With initial speed at 0 and solving for "a" you get:

a = d / ((1/2)(t^2))

a = 300 / ((1/2)(60^2)) = 0.17


I wasn't that far off, I had to check

and they calculated the same acceleration.




it was university physics, unfortunately not for me, but for someone i tried to help..
But i solved it, thanks. (The parts on electronics were more simple than that at least ;0))


i hate college physics,,, it was so hard...
that problem of yours,,, i solved it 7 years
ago,,, now i forgot how... <snip>

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It may be spam-ish but it was a human who typed it...


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