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I am working on a project that has several sensors, dial indicator, a RTC and a SD card to log the data. I have everything working separately but for some reason I still have a glitch. I have a dial indicator that measures movement and it does not output and reading until it sees a change. This works great outside the sensor logging code. The sensor logging code with data logger works great but outputs the data when not needed. I figured when I combined the two pieces of code that the code in the loop would stop until it got a new readings from the dial indicator but instead a get one reading from the dial indicator and then the other sensors just keep butting out data and it never returns to see if there is a reading from the dial indicator. This is running on an arduino micro. I have tried if statements and while statements and I can not get the code to stop and wait for the readings from the dial indicator. Any help would be greatly appreciated or I would even be willing to pay a reasonable price to get this project done.


Here is a link to the code


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