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I just saw Pyxis OS, as I see it can execute other apps that are stored on SD card.

Unfortunately this Pyxis OS require Arduino Mega, and I have only Arduino with ATMega328.
So my question is, Is there some library/OS that allows me to execute apps from SD (touch screen support is not required)


I have no idea how they can execute code from an SD card unless the have a boot loader that is designed to do that.
You could probably do something  similar but it would not be easy.

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to execute apps from SD

Arduino ATmega chips can not directly (natively) execute ATmega machine language instructions from SD (or from anywhere else other than the  Flash program memory built in to the ATmega).

What they call an "Operating System" is based on what they call a "Virtual CPU."  Similar to an "Instruction Set Emulator" or  "Interpreter," as we used to call them back in the 20th century, it reads "instructions" from the SD and executes code accordingly.  The set of "instructions" in the SD is not actually ATmega binary machine language, but some special stuff created by a proprietary  C compiler.  (Not open source, but it's very inexpensive according to the web site.)




Skeworks Pyxis 1 (NOT Version 2) is for the arduino.


And yes I guess it would have to be an interpreter... It would slow things down -- not suitable for may stuff but maybe for others.
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You also design a bootloader that can read different programs from an SD card and program them into flash and them execute them.

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