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Currently I'm operating a bar in Bali, Indonesia, and needing a help if anyone can help me in building a ready to use iPad Kegbot (just as the one seen on youtube).
I want to create a self serve bar, with some minor adjustment on the features (I don't need the beer rating, review history etc). Simply I just need the kegbot to do the following:
1. Keep track of the beer been poured
2. A prepaid card reader, because I will using only prepaid card for the transaction
3. Simple menu ordering (using the prepaid system as well)
4. Possibly with LAN connection to my POS system, or to make it simpler I just need to be able to connect to a receipt printer so my cashier can ring up the transaction.

I will be needing all the hardware and the installed software. So, I wish some of the Gurus out there can help me , just me an email for your price quotation to andreas.aliwarga@yahoo.com

Thanks a lot


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Oh, and so is putting URGENT on your thread title, we get to it when we get to it. Saying it's urgent normally makes it take longer.


I am working on an arduino powered beer bottle filler. It is made to have all of your beer lines come into a valve block, and then fill the bottle with whichever beer you want.

I could supply the beer hardware for $8-$10,000 and you can get someone else to write your card reading software.


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