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Hi guys,

First I apologize for my bad english.

I have a brother I love. He's an old policeman. He fell in love with his profession. He thought he was serving his country and he would be proud of it. one day he fought with the director. Now he left his profession and he is a greengrocer.

I want to give him a gift that will make him feel good. This gift should not be an ornament. He should be able to use the profession in daily life. It may be something to highlight his products. I dont know.

I am knowledgeable about embedded systems. I have a 3D printer and a lot of tools. I want to do something using my own talents. I do not want to buy. This will be more private.

I look forward to your suggestions.



This would be difficult to make but how about an elaborate orange juicing machine? You may have seen one. An orange is selected form a hopper, realeased down a ramp, cut in half, the halves are squeezed and the customer gets a glass of juice. The mechanical movement of the orange needs to be fancy, complicated and visible.
Kids love these things. So do I, when I see one I buy a juice just to see it working :-)

Simpler would be an automatic orange peeler a bit like a lathe.

A pomegranate deseeder would be useful, but it might be hard to design one that works.

Everything would have to be safe to use, easy to clean and not allow food to be contaminated with oil or metal particles.
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