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I want to have my Arduino control when a device can receive current from a voltage source. So basically what I am envisioning is the device being hooked up to a voltage source other than the Arduino, with a "stopper" between the voltage source and the device. The stopper will be controlled by the Arduino, to allow the current to flow on command. So is there something feasible. I was thinking about a voltage regulator, but I'm not to sure.



Do you need to control the power in any way except on and off?

If not there are many solutions, from relays to transistors to optocouplers etc etc .

If you do need to control the amount of power a different approach may be necessary.

Could you explain your requirements in more detail? ie what voltage and current  , whether ac or dc , and what sort of load....



Can the Arduino ground and the controlled device ground be connected or must the Arduino and the device be completely isolated from one another?


Start with a relay. That is the simplest way to have an electronically controlled switch.

There are more advanced solutions that save battery power or whatever but the relay is simplest and safest to start with.
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