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I just wanted to know how I could go about making a pair of LED glasses.

Something exactly like the ones in the video where I can change the LED patterns via a button.


I just wanted to know which board i should use, and if it was possible for me to minimize wiring as the glasses should be easy to wear.

Thank you!


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There are 88 LEDs on the glasses, in 6 rings. You can minimise the wiring by connecting all 6 rings in a single chain. The Arduino will need 1 pin to control the LEDs and 1 pin to read the button. It will need around 300~400 bytes of ram memory to run the LEDs. So almost any Arduino can do this. The smallest I can think of would be the ATtiny85 chip.

However, the ATtiny85 is not the easiest thing for a beginner to use. So I would suggest a more "normal" Arduino to begin with. Once the sketch is working and is small enough to run on the ATtiny85, it can be transferred for the final build.

You can look at Adafruit's 'GEMMA' wearable board. This has an ATtiny85, and a connector for Li-ion batteries.


I recently did a similar project : have a look here (sorry it's in french).
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