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Jul 05, 2018, 10:47 am Last Edit: Jul 05, 2018, 11:10 am by PetrOsipov
I have an idea about the RC planes, but not sure how to implement it.

The idea is to make an automatic landing system for RC plane similar to the systems used in airports. When toggled, the microcontroller (Arduino/AVR32/Cortex/ESP, depends on the load needed...) would take control of the plane, circle it down to stable height (height measurement by ultrasonic meter). Then it should fly a typical landing pattern, and land. The main problem is how to make sure it lands where needed and in correct direction.

My idea was to use principle similar to NDB system. I would place a pair of marker beacons on the landing field. The plane would get the vectors on them, and try to line them up in reverse direction, then fly over them at fixed height, circle and land, starting the decent when passing the first beacon, aiming for the second one.

The problem is - what to use as a beacon. I would prefer RF ones, and building a simple 433mhz Beeper is not a problem. The problem is - how do I accurately (a few degrees error is not problematic) get a vector on it, preferrably with no moving parts and quite compact and light?

I could use optical means (omnidirectional 360 degree camera and colored beacons, would probably need more powerful board then AVR8) but it has inherent danger of mixing up the colors, and getting someone's jacket/flowers/etc for beacon.

P.S. Alternate idea is to use GPS sensors, or to place tracking components in the beacons...


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