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as far as i know, will be released soon a new Arduino Ethernet board.
It will be all-in-one (not a shield) solution, with POE support.
..very very interesting!  smiley-lol

Here a image i've done at the ArduinoCamp (www.arduinocamp.com) at 18/06/2011 in Italy, Milan:

Well after they got to V02 5 years ago back in 2006 with an ethernet board it's been a long time coming:

We were still on the Arduino NG back then...



This all-in-one is very interesting indeed!  ]:D

Judging from the photo, this board will also use a Silvertel PoE module.

I suspect that there are a couple of issues:

-Plugging a shield on top of this "Arduino Uno Ethernet" may be a problem due to PoE module height.
-There is a ferrite core transformer on the PoE module that "sits" right on top of W5100 chip. Although the transformer is a "closed core" type, I'm not sure whether its radiated field will somehow affect W5100 performance/operation (theoretically, in extreme situations, it could cause erratic operation of W5100 chip).

Let's wait for this new board…


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It does support PoE but you have to buy a Silvertel PoE Module AG9120S http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/PoE-datasheet.pdf and solder it to the board. Yes it is a 12v module but with a bridge already installed on the Ethernet Shield from V+ to ADJ it supplies 9v to the Arduino it can be used with a power injector that supplies 48v over the data lines or over the extra pairs but not both at the same time.

The module can be found here http://www.semiconductorstore.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=13996



I'm a bit of a newbie to Arduino, but I was hoping someone could help me out?

I have the ethernet shield as shown here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShield.  According to that page, it supports PoE with the optional module, but I can't find the holes where it's supposed to go.  Has this feature been removed?




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The one pictured is not the latest one.

The latest one with the POE installed looks like this:

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