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Jul 06, 2018, 05:52 am Last Edit: Jul 06, 2018, 05:54 am by josh_727
New here, this is my first post.
Let me start by saying I'm no engineer.  I have a basic working knowledge of arduino boards and shields.  But nothing to the level of designing my own systems.  I more or less work off tutorials but couldn't find any for this specifically.  So I've come seeking help.

I'm putting together a halloween prop of a raven.  I want to make its wings flap a little bit, its beak opens up to make the bird sound, and it turns its head a bit then turns it back to the original position.

I've spent hours googling ways to do this.  Controlling 4 little stepper motors while also having audio mp3 sound.  I came across a few posts that mentioned raspberry pi but those are a bit too expensive.  More than I wanted to drop on this little project.
At this point I'm thinking the best approach would be to have 3 arduino's.  One with motor drivers, one with an MP3 shield, and a central board to control those.  This is all just guesswork and brainstorming based on research.  Apparently people have tried to do all of it on the same arduino board but ran into issues.

As for the motors I was thinking the 2 that control the wings would each have a wheel attached to the motor shaft, a thin metal rod attached to the wheel, and the other end of the metal rods attached to the wings.
I've included a link to demonstrate how they would function.  In this video it looks like the motor wheels are moving jet fast but its just blenders horrible viewport lighting.

And motors like this or similar

I guess what I'm looking for is someone who can design a wiring diagram I can use to build this.  Like I said I'm not an engineer.
But I do appreciate any replies.  And if any compensation is required you can pm me.

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