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Please can someone provide me with the code for I2C communication between nodemcu and arduino with arduino being the master and nodemcu being the slave . I need it urgently !!! Please help !!


I need it urgently
So what! That's a YOU problem, nothing to do with this forum. I MAY respond in 4 days (YES I do this to all post who demand that their problem is more urgent than someone elses).
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My understanding is that NodeMCU can only serve as the Master, not Slave.  I ran into this same issue when creating a home-automation system based on NRF24L01 nodes.  I wanted the master node to also serve as a master i2c bus with a NodeMCU to provide an internet gateway for the RF24 network, but found out it couldn't be done.  That's when I decided to figure out how to interface the NRF24L01 with the NodeMCU to bypass that restriction, but still have my internet gateway.


On the ESP8266 the whole I2C is bitbanged (which is why you can take any two pins you like for I2C). It's a matter of having the correct software and it will happily do slave mode. The problem is that apparently slave mode is not part of the Arduino core for ESP8266. Here an example of how it apparently can be done.
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