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Hello. I have one more question about keypad. I have standart 3x4(3 cols, 4 rows) keypad. Where I have to connect resistors while connecting keypad with my arduino board?

Thanks for answering, everyone!




Thanks, for quick replay!

I just need to connect my keypad to work properly :) I have already identified my keypad cols and rows pins, but I don't know, where to put resistors while connecting keypad to my arduino. I want to connect each pin of the rows and each pin of the columns to arduino. So, where I have to connect resistors?

There http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/KeypadTutorial it is said, that I will need resistors 2k to 10k, on each of the row pins. So, how to do this? this resistors should be between wire whitch is coming from keypad to arduino or that resistors should be on ground pin?


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Yes, I understand that first part. But I don't actually understand, how to connect keypad with power and etc. Could you show me how to connect everying using this my image quikly made by paint, please?



If you could post a data sheet or link to where you bought your keypad, we might be able to kelp more. 

Is it similar to this one?

I have quite a bit of experience with this one, I wrote a pseudo data sheet for it and everything


Thanks, for helping me :) mines keypad is from there http://www.lemona.lt/index.php?page=item&i_id=29370


I have already identified my rows and columns.
There you go: http://img69.imageshack.us/i/keypadpindiagram.png/

Also, KE7GKP, thanks for example!


It is necessary to connect keypad to +5V? As I seen in many videos in youtube there is no wire from +5V to keypad


It is necessary to connect keypad to +5V? As I seen in many videos in youtube there is no wire from +5V to keypad

Probably not.

Most routines supply the voltage from the Arduino and read on a separate pin. Look at the tutorials again.
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YouTube would be very low on my list of electronic circuit design authority.

Ok You owe me a new keyboard. Send a new one and I will send you the one with the mouthful of sugared coffee.
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