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So, back to reply #3: Got a schematic we can look at?
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Here's the schematic...

DATA_ROW, DATA_COL, etc, etc, goes to the shift registers... The board supports a rf, but it's not installed, so it's not the problem...

Actually, I don't even know why I put that capacitor there, but now i'd like to know what's happening

and hey... thanks for the reply... I wish we can solve that


On oscylloscope, i saw that the circuit stops working after the capacitor charges.

a 300uF cap directly across the power rails should charge pretty much instantly, right?

It almost sounds like you have the cap in between the AVR and one of the power rails.  Except I calculate the time would still be very short...


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At AREF, it's just decoupling capacitor as in the datasheet... Anyway, I am not using the AD...

Maybe it's not the charging that makes it stop... I thought that was the reason, cause when I saw it discharged, the circuit worked again... it doesn't work too long by the way

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At AREF...

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