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Hello falks,

I am trying to connect a custom made ATMega328PB chip to the latest Arduino IDE 1.8.5. Unfortunately I could not compile to the target set to 328PB with Crystal as I am getting an error (#error detachInterrupt not finished for this cpu). Could someone please help with this how to overcome? I cannot even upload the bootloader for 328PB. I think something basic is missing..

P.S. my arduino boards version is 1.6.21.




'B' variant aren't supported by Arduino IDE itself as it's new (2 or 3 years ago) and no one has implemented the support in the IDE.  I've used minicore without any issues and I do like minicore over official IDE for other ATMega as far as having more options like BOD and internal vs external clock.

I'm making a PCB that converts this one to DIP form for breadboarding since 'B' version does not come in PDIP form at all.  It's also compatible with other versions of x8's with 0 ohms jumper pad to connect pin 3 and 6 to GND and VCC, spot for pullup resistors for I2C, and choice of external crystal or connect 2 pins to breadboard.  Still waiting for Chinesium boat to finish paddling across the ocean so I can get the prototype board to check for issues before I officially release the PCB files.

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