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Nice that the 5 core silicone is available. Surely, if they can make 5 core, they can make 6 core!! Would be nice for my small brushed 6 wire DC motors hehehe. Tough luck for me unfortunately.
A while back I stopped hunting for cabling for projects.
Since ordering a variety of gauges and colours with silicone insulation, cabling is no longer a upsetting exercise.
I now just make up wiring with the number of conductors and gauges I need.

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.



Here you go.   6 and 8 cores (but only 3m?)
westfw ........ that is awesome. I was searching ebay for 6 core and absolutely nothing like that came up. Thanks for your help and time for showing that link. Absolutely appreciated. I'm going to order from that link in just a moment! Thanks again.

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