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I don't know if this is allowed, and I apologise if it isn't but 
I made a post quite a while ago but received no response, but I need a solution quite urgently. Here is the content of my previous post:

Hi all, I am currently working on a project which uses the DFplayer mp3 module (bought from aliexpress). I have used these modules in several projects and they always have the same problem; they randomly stop producing sound. Fro example, I would power up the project and everything works fine, but on another power up the module doesn't produce sound. The led lights up when the sound is meant to be played, but there is no audio. I am confident it is not a loose connection issue as this is the third project which I encounter this issue. I tried using a different micro SD card, and the problem persists.

As always, any help us greatly appreciated


Any detail is appreciated.
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Thanks for replying.

What detail would you like me to provide?

For starters I am using an arduino nano to communicate with the df player over serial. There are 1k series resistors on both tx and Rx . There is a delay of 30ms after each command is sent, I have tried extending it to a few seconds but still no luck. That's all I can think of at the top of my head.


1.) Do some searches I know there was a post about someone finding a bad solder trace on their board...

2.) Are you using a legit DFPLayer board?
* blue led?
* silkscreen around all components?
* chip on bottom is a TRUE YX5200 chip?

Are you connected to speaker pins.. or attempting to use the DAC (headphone) pins?



I am unsure whether they are legit but I got them from aliexpress. I have a lot of them, from different sellers. Some have blue and some have red leds. There is a silkscreen around all the components. I can't really see whats written on the chip. I am using the speaker+ and speaker- pins.

The strange thing is that they sometimes produce sound, but mostly don't. And i don't make any changes between them producing sound and not other than powering it off and on.

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