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Re: spi interface error
am currently having  IDE arduino 1.8.5 along with its host application for windows available in a sub folder of ArduCAM.. excamples.. mini.. host_app.. ArduCAM_Host_V2.

camera - ArduCAM mini 2MP
board- uno

i have selected my board as "Arduino /Genuino Uno" and change its port no to "COM4"
i have only changed the "memorysaver.h" and uncommented as "#define OV2640_MINI_2MP" and camera module as " #define OV2640_CAM".

am running "ArduCAM_mini_2mp_OV2640_funtions" and it gives the output in images 1,2.

i ran the host application and output image 3.
device setup is also attached in images
incase image it is still unclear

VCC   -- 5V
GND  -- (NEXT TO 5V)
SCK  -- 13
MISO --12
MOSI  --11
CS      -- 7

i've tried everything on the forum
com open, ardu cam start, spi interface error



The brown wire is connected to GND on the ArduCam board but the wire appears to be connected to 5V on the Uno. And the red wire is connected to VCC on the ArduCam but the wire appears to be connected to 3.3V. This may have damaged something. But try correcting the wiring and see if it still works.

The other wires look OK.


oh.. ya now realised but i reconnected the wiring to double check that may have be the reason i misplaced.. the vcc and gnd..

in your opinion might i have damaged to the arducam or board.

i first tried this on an arduino mega adk and connected the pins accordingly and it still gave this error.


When connected to the mega, which pins for MOSI, MISO, SCK? They are different versus an Uno. The following has a table of SPI pins for various Arduino boards.



yes i used the dedicated ports on the mega for MISO, MOSI, SCK, SS. I also change the settings of board and port no and the memorysaver.h file remained the same as pervious(uncommented).

Would I have damage the arducam by any chance..


Since it fails on two different boards I would say the camera is no longer working.

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