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Hello All,

     We Are In The Field Of Panel Building. We Have to Build A panel For Automatic Power Factor Correction(APFC). But The Problem Is That The Load Is Not Stable Or Missbalancing Type Load. So With The Arduino Board, We Have To Calculate The Power Factor And Doing The  Fast switching ( In Nano Second)  Of Capacitor Bank With The Relay By Using Arduino Board.

Can Any One Help ME....

We have Also Seen In Pic Microcontroller Circuit Attached With These.


"relay" and "nanosecond switching" don't sit well in the same sentence.

Is there something wrong with your shift key?
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You can't want to switch that fast - this is 50hz mains here, it will take a cycle or so to calculate the power factor .   
As said you can't switch a relay quickly

For odd loads such as arc furnaces don't they use saturated reactors or such like ?

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