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While looking around for a real nice RTC I found the ISL12022M from Intersil fitting in my actual project (watching 5 fuel depots for my Oil heating).
This part has an internal quartz (32768 Hz), a temperature sensor (precision 0.5 °C) and 128 bytes of static RAM. The logic and RAM are battery or even gold/supercap buffered.
Since there are good precision control possibilities for the clock (http://www.intersil.com/data/an/an1400.pdf) this electronic part maybe of interest for somebody I wrote a library (attached to this article).
The library uses the Time.h library.

Please feel free to test the code and let me know if there are bugs or if you have any suggestions what you miss in that library.
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...forgot to add the c++ library file, sorry!
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Your first link is bit broken:

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That's a neat-looking chip, first time I've seen a TCXO with an external crystal.

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I've got the link repaired. Hope you enjoy!
Perhaps you can get this chip as sample on Intersil's page. So did I  XD
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I am an absolute beginner,
I could get I2C communication with an ADT7410 and a pinexapnder. But with the ISL12022 I probably miss something(s).
Is there a easy way to test if I have comunication?


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