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I have been doing some tests regarding the power consumption of the MKRFOX1200 board when it sends a message to the SigFox Network.

If I just send a message without waiting to receive an ACK endPacket(false) the results makes sense; but when I want to receive an ACK endPacket(true) I don't understand the results. It looks like after sending the message it goes to some kind of low power consumption mode an then around second 30 it wakes up and prepares to receive the message.

After that I don't understand why it seems to go to a lower consumption state again for about a second and a half and then it has a peak, similar to those shown when it sends a message.

Does anyone know why it behaves like that after second 40?


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Hi there,

It's the ACK of the ACK ^^

But your point of view is not really the right one :

The first important thing to understand is : There is NO Uplink ACK in the Sigfox world. It's a pure and true ALOHA based network : Your Device broadcast a message all around itself, that's all (3 times sent, exactly to mitigate the risk of a collision without ACK to be aware of it).

What you call "ACK" is actually a Downlink, that is to say a message sent from the BackEnd to the Device (4/day max @sigfox).

The peak after the Downlink is, unlike the first, a real "ACK", emitted by the Device for the BackEnd, to validate the reception of the Downlink. (8 bytes long, sent once, containing Device temperature, Battery voltage & RSSI, automatically decoded by the BackEnd).


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