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Good day!

I do a lot of breadboarding, sometimes it's too time consuming to draw schematics, route it in Eagle etc. I'd like to etch some perfboards with the same layout as solderless breadboard has, like this:

Image from http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/breadboardproto

I'd like to etch them myself, but I can't find pattern (pdf, image file) anywhere, maybe someone have such board layout?


Well here is one I laid out in Kicad but that is more holes than I would want to drill!


Ah, that's what I was looking for, is it possible to make pads with holes in KiCad (this helps with drilling a lot when drilling by hand)?


How many rows do you want?  Double power rails or single?  Center power rails or not?  Width of trace, diameter of pads?

I've recently been fiddling with a ULP for Eagle that generates "prototype areas" given a few starting parameters, so they're getting easy to generate...


Isn't that pretty much what the top 2 boards here are?

Spend the $1.50, and be hours ahead of the game:

single side copper clad will cost you 75 cents

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