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How many rows do you want?  Double power rails or single?  Center power rails or not?  Width of trace, diameter of pads?
I've recently been fiddling with a ULP for Eagle that generates "prototype areas" given a few starting parameters, so they're getting easy to generate...

As far as I recall ULP is built-in into Eagle script language for automation, right? It's cool that you write such routine. Do you have plans to share it on Google code or some other source hosting? I think this is a popular demand...

The PDF you have attached looks very cool -- that's what I need.


Spend the $1.50, and be hours ahead of the game:

Such board look cool to, but shipping is expensive and takes a lot to my country, anyway I like to etch and drill :)


Do you have plans to share it

Yes.  Soon.  I'll post it here too.

In fact, here's the preliminary version, attached.


Thanks! I've downloaded and I'll play with it in my Eagle.


Ah yes, I overlooked that you were non-US.
Who is your source for copper-sided boards?  Maybe suggest to them that they start stocking items like this for your future prokects.
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My main source for parts are local suppliers, traditionally DIY electronics culture is a bit hardcore here in exUSSR. So we have a limited number of prototyping\hobby parts available locally (average breadboards costs twice than from China for example). The only style of copper perfboards is something like TQFP adapters, that's it.

So I have to deal with this myself :)

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