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Hello, im from Portugal. I wonder if its hard to build a solution with arduino to monitorize temperature and humidity and send a sms alarm if necessary to the supervisor of the area to control.

I wold like to know all the components i should buy, or how much it could cost to pay someone to develop this prototype.

Tanks.   Vitor Teixeira   vitorteixeira@mail.pt


Somewhere between $200 and $1000 for the hardware.

Maybe as little as a couple of weeks for programming and documentation.

...Assuming you want a professional documented project so it can be modified, repaired and updated in the future.

But... those are just idle guesses because you did not provide operating temperature and humidity ranges, whether it is electrically or acoustically noisy, whether the unit will be subject to vibration or whatever else may be relevant.

A Picture of the intended installation location would be nice as well.

I could think of lots of things -- but start there.


Measuring temperature an humidity is very easy for Arduino, and setting an alarm is easy too.  You need something like a telephone modem to send SMS, or a wireless phone if land line is not available.  SMS is a simple  100 character ASCII message sent over text pager or cell phone.

If you have land line a serial port and a modem module is easy. 

If you have wireless only then you need a wireless node on your network that Arduino can use.  You can search these forums for projects and examples for different wireless providers.

Many folks here have day jobs as well as Arduino hobby, we have little time.  If you dont want to do this project yourself you might offer to pay for someone here to develop it.  Find out what land line or wireless network you have available and search for someone who has already worked with it.  Send them a personal message and ask them how much $$$ to convert their project to do what you need.

PS, sorry I am not that person.  Good luck with your project.

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