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Hellow people, 2 question, help pleasy.

I have an pcb , i use atmega168pa au, not have crystal, but when i use  progisp to record, all my time are with time double, i setting led HIGH 1 second, it ON 2 seconds, setting to led work 5 seconds, leds works 10 seconds, always doble.

I use sofware progisp, and in settings arduino  have it pcbs, what correct to use ? What correct setting in progisp ? ( i use usb record usbasp )

it is setting of progisp ( check atachament)

Here we have an lot of boards in arduino, what correct, what correct mhz and voltage ?

(see atachament)

here in datasheet in page 271 have about oscilator


here i use board with regulator voltage ryz 117-5

it is settings arduino software

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If you're uploading an Arduino sketch, you need to have the "board" set for some variant that has an 8MHz clock.  There is no 8MHz Nano, so if you have the board set to Nano, you're almost certainly compiling for 16MHz, which explains the 2x timing.

Your best bet would probably be to install MCUDude's "MiniCore", which has separate menus for CPU type, clock rate, internal vs external clock source, and more...

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