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I attended the Arduino workshop at IxD10 where Massimo showed Arduino interfacing with a red shield board, which had 8-10 input for sensors that were connected to wires. It was a really easy way to get started, you simply had to connect the sensor wires to the shield and start programming.

I cannot seem to find the red shield board, or any of the sensors attached to wires.

Any thoughts?


It sounds like you are talking about this one, however it is not red



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Maybe you're referring to the "Electronic Brick" system?  I saw them on SeeedStudio but haven't bought any of the products.  Lots of sensors with a standardized connector scheme, trying to make it all easy to mix and match.  There's nothing Arduino-specific about it, but it can be used with Arduino very easily.



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Here is the entire set. Board plus the sensors and LCDs for about $50. Not to mention this one is Arduino compatible.



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My guess is that it is the Tinkerkit:


Not really available yet though.


Anyone know when the Tinker Kit will be available or pricing?


The electronic brick is a nightmare of a kit, the LCD is really hard to get working.


the LCD is really hard to get working.

I can't imagine why.  Presumably it's a Hitachi display, compatible with the Arduino library?


Seedstudio uses TOPWAY displays, but they are compatible with 4-8 bits lcd bus library
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