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I attended the Arduino workshop at IxD10 where Massimo showed Arduino interfacing with a red shield board, which had 8-10 input for sensors that were connected to wires. It was a really easy way to get started, you simply had to connect the sensor wires to the shield and start programming.

I cannot seem to find the red shield board, or any of the sensors attached to wires.

Any thoughts?

Mark S

It sounds like you are talking about this one, however it is not red



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Maybe you're referring to the "Electronic Brick" system?  I saw them on SeeedStudio but haven't bought any of the products.  Lots of sensors with a standardized connector scheme, trying to make it all easy to mix and match.  There's nothing Arduino-specific about it, but it can be used with Arduino very easily.



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Here is the entire set. Board plus the sensors and LCDs for about $50. Not to mention this one is Arduino compatible.



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My guess is that it is the Tinkerkit:


Not really available yet though.


Anyone know when the Tinker Kit will be available or pricing?


The electronic brick is a nightmare of a kit, the LCD is really hard to get working.


the LCD is really hard to get working.

I can't imagine why.  Presumably it's a Hitachi display, compatible with the Arduino library?


Seedstudio uses TOPWAY displays, but they are compatible with 4-8 bits lcd bus library
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