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i bought esp 01 for the first time but could not figure out why its not working, i am using ftdi breakout board with 3.3v option
my connection are following:
esp-01      FTDI board
VCC          VCC(3.3v)
GND         GND
TX            RX
RX            TX
RST          VCC
it is just not connecting to serial monitor of arduino ide
one thing more i notice was that when i connect CHP-PWD to VCC the voltage between vcc and gnd of esp drops to 3.1v, first i thought it was a power supply issue but it tried separate power supply and even tried to connect resistor in between. but no luck


If you connect your esp-01 like this and  press the RST button, you should see something in the terminal window. Try typing AT. If you get gibberish, try different baudrates.

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