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Here's a project I'm working on;


The idea is that it will use Arduino and communicate via MIDI. Still not sure if it will all work out the way I want, but we'll see :-)


Have you contacted WilliamK allready? You may find him at the audio subforum and makes similar thingies.
Rob Tillaart

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Ah, thanks cool, haven't seen that.

I realize now this is the wrong forum :-(


WilliamK Govinda

Indeed, please, check my signature, its the project we did and that's already done. ;-)

It has Step-Drum sequences and also Step-Note sequences. Just less controls than your idea, but the result is the same.



holy shit ... I was browsing williamK's kickstarter site, when I stumbled upon this:


check it out. its steampunk custom sound effects :-) (as far as I can tell at least...)

anyway, beautiful.

WilliamK Govinda

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