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Sorry for disturbing! But I need help!
I made a project for my design studies. It is a kind of a electric Chlandi Plate which must work as a time indicator (another words - a clock)

picture from Instructables

I made my generator, but stuck on programming an Arduino.  Please, help my to made a program!
My design idea is to change the patterns on a plate in two ways:
1)automatically after a certain period of time
2) manually - when press the button
at the same time the LEDs, which lighten the plate must change their colours.

Plus, to choose the correct frequencies of generator i need a Serial Console.

My problem is - that I have bought the Arduino 2 weeks ago and still learn how to program it.

And I need to finish this object to 22th of March - in two days!

Thank You for Your attention!


I don't understand what you try to achieve (except it is some sort of clock)

Can you explain more and share the code you have allready?
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I need a device to command a mechanical plate driver.
so, it must produce 12 different sound frequencies. Every frequency must change in some minutes, AND has an option to change "manually", by pressing a key. Every frequency must have a "unique" colour-combination of the LEDs (this LEDs are lighten the plate).

Code... I tried a code from the arduino tutorials: mood lamp (works fine), serial controlled buzzer (don't want to work), buzzer (works fine).

My problem that when I combine the code from different programs, set the names of the variables - the code doesn't want to work

I will show my program in Monday, when I get to my working computer - the code is there

Now the Arduino only buzz on 6000Hz for 10 seconds, wait for a 30 seconds and buzz again


the code doesn't want to work

Maybe if you pointed out to it what will happen to it if it doesn't?

Have you thought about using the tone library?

(Or, show us the code)
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This might help others to understand what (I think) is trying to be done:


So - if I understand the OP - s/he wants the frequency (?) to change to one of 12 different frequencies (per hour?) - so a different pattern is shown for each time interval (each hour?) - I think.

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