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Hello Guys!

To be honest I bought an Arduino almost 1 year ago and I still havent open it! (Very Busy!). So I decide to start working in the couple of weeks a very small and relative simple project. I want a Fan controller for my PC.

I was hoping to find a very cool Color LCD showing me the actual Temperature, RPM of the Fan and my Limit in Rpm. I want it to control 5 Fans and measure 5 temperatures. Depending on the temperature range the rpm may rise or lower.

So my question is, which sensors you guys recommend me or if there is something similar that someone did can you point me to the right direction?

Thanks for the help Guys!


Not interested in any potential help that women might offer you, then?


Reading temperature in 5 places in a PC.. what places? What temperatures? Air temperature or some surface or device/ heatsink??

DS18B20 is a common accurate thermometer with Arduino library support. Available in choice of packages like this:

Fan speed for typical 12V PC case fan can be done with Arduno PWM control and small PNP transistors...

Prototype 1 thermometer and one fan and get it working, first....


Prototype 1 thermometer and one fan and get it working, first

Prototype one thermometer and a bunch of serial prints first
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Put the request in the title.

Need Help is not informative.

Do an initial design then ask for help with the points that are difficult.

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