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Hello everyone!

I have one Arduino Duemilanove board that works fine. This board has an ATMEGA328 that works at 16MHz and 5V.
I want to design a new board based on Arduino philosophy that will works at 3.3V. For this operation voltage I must to down clock frecuency.
I want that this new board has a bootloader like Arduino Duemilanove so I will can program directly from Arduino IDE.
Since original Arduino Duemilanove boards has a 16MHz I can not use the same bootloader for my board.
My question is how can I compile a bootloader with a different clock frecuency? If I change clock frecuency in bootloader source code and then I compile it, does it works?

Thanks in advance.


PD: Sorry for my horrible english

Coding Badly


My question is how can I compile a bootloader with a different clock frecuency?

Instead of compiling the bootloader you may be able to use an existing one...


Select the Arduino that most closely matches your board and use its bootloader.

Or, westfw may be willing to give you a copy of an 8 MHz version of Optiboot for your board.


Dear Coding Badly,

Thanks for your reply and advice. Few hours ago I finded something similar.
The idea to compile a new bootloader with different clock frecuency is that I only have 4MHz clock. If I donĀ“t obtain the way to compile a specific bootloader I will try to adquire 8MHz clock. Thanks anyway.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

Regards to all.


You don't need to get a 8mhz clock. It's internal to the chip.

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